Profit Mastery University: The Next Level of Financial Management

A world class online and live course designed to help you achieve greater profitability and efficiency. We are offering Montana residents the opportunity to save $600, making your price $295!

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Profit Mastery is an internationally acclaimed live seminar, and high definition online streaming video course, designed to take the mystery out of numbers and enable better business decisions. Learn how to monitor your company's financial position, identify causes of financial distress and remedies, as well as how to manage and understand costs, contribution margins, your income statement and balance sheet. The course will forever change the way you look at your business.

To receive a discount of $600, contact us to receive a coupon code. To order the online class, Click Here. On this page click "Add to Cart" and use the coupon code that was emailed to you, then click "Apply" to receive the course at $600 discount.

Profit Mastery


Online Course Benefits:

  • Conveniently taught in self paced segments online
  • Class includes free, downloadable PDF of workbook
  • Curriculum is in an online, high-definition streaming video format
  • Live, in-person feel, like you're with an instructor
  • Best of all, if you need further instruction, schedule a free appointment with an SBDC advisor

An $895 value, now offered at $295. To order the online class, click here. On the page, click "Add to Cart".


Live Course Benefits:

  • Delivered in a classroom setting
  • Available at participating SBDC centers statewide (Visit our SBDC training calendar to see upcoming classes)
  • Learn with a group of like-minded peers and entrepreneurs
  • Free workbook with class
  • Ask questions to live instructor

Classes only offered at participating centers; prices vary by location. 

Profit Mastery Course Syllabus

  • Identify the seven components of a complete "Fiscal Physical"
  • Understand the interrelationships in the Financial Operating Cycle
  • Know the primary uses for net profits in a business
  • Understand the critical need to consistently monitor financial position
  • Create a practical process, using ratios, to assess financial performance, identifying strengths, weaknesses and areas of opportunity
  • Appreciate the dynamic relationships that exist between the balance sheet and income statement
  • Determine how cost patterns affect profits, and analyze the present to make better decisions about the future
  • Determine the profitability of individual products or services to determine appropriate pricing strategies
  • Utilize "what if" scenarios to calculate and substantiate specific expansion, pricing, and purchasing decisions
  • Develop a profit plan and cash budget forecast
  • Identify the effects of short-term and long-term financial cycles
  • Determine the differences between net profit and cash flow
  • Accurately determine the future asset needs of the company
  • Identify key issues of financial leverage and debt structuring
  • Find the money needed to pay for growth
  • Identify inefficiencies that soak up cash
  • Identify different types of asset needs and match them to means of financing
  • Understand what specific sources are used to repay specific types of debt
  • Identify the 5 "C's" of Credit
  • Understand what information financing partners need in order to fairly evaluate a loan request

JE Engineering: Montana SBDC Profit Mastery Success Story

JE Engineering experienced growth that led owners Cindi and Richard Jarvis to consider expanding. Before making this decision, however, Cindi wanted to be certain the expansion was warranted by the company’s financial performance. She turned to the Kalispell Regional SBDC to start her business planning through Profit Mastery. Learn more about their experience.

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"I've learned more on how to effectively manage my business in this class than anywhere in my life. I feel empowered."
-Jesse Felder, Montana SBDC client, Profit Mastery training at the Kalispell SBDC



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