Small Business Licensing Information

Local city and county offices provide all business licensing in Montana. The State of Montana provides professional licenses. Visit the Montana Department of Revenue for more information. Contact the Secretary of State’s office for any business registration information.

Check out all your options for licensing your business under each tab below. In a hurry? Print out or save our Business Licensing 101 PDF.

Several types of licenses, registrations and certifications are issued by the Montana Department of Agriculture, including:
1. Licenses: Commodity Dealer, Feed Program, Fertilizer Dealer, Nursery, Pesticide Applicator, Pesticide Dealer, Private Farm Pesticide Applicator, Commodity Dealers and Warehouses, Produce, Seed Dealer

2. Registrations: Alfalfa Leaf Cutter Bee, Honey Bee (Apiary), Feed Product, Fertilizer Product, Pesticide Product

3. Certifications: Organic, Noxious Weed Seed Free Forage, Potato, Export

Contact the Department of Agriculture for more information:
Montana Department of Agriculture
Technical Services Bureau
(406) 444-5400

Contact your local city and/or county office(s) to determine what licenses and registrations are required for businesses in your region, as their requirements vary.

Montana League of Cities and Town Municipal Directory
The Department of Justice's Gambling Control Division handles the application and licensing process for gambling and casino-related activities.

Montana Department of Justice
Gambling Control Division
(406) 444-1971
The Montana Department of Revenue's Liquor Licensing Division processes new retail, off-premises, wholesale and manufacturing license applications, brewery licensing, winery registrations and vendor permits.

Montana Department of Revenue
Liquor Licensing Division
(406) 444-6900
All incorporated construction contractors and construction contractors with employees must register with the Montana Department of Labor & Industry's Construction Contractor Registration Unit. Construction contractors without employees, plumbers and electricians may register but registration is not required.

Montana Department of Labor & Industry
Construction Contractor Registration Unit
(406) 444-7734

Montana workers are required by law to either be insured under a workers' compensation policy, or they may apply for the Independent Contractor Exemption Certificate (ICEC).

Montana Department of Labor & Industry
Independent Contractor Central Unit
(406) 444-7734

Visit the Montana Contractors Licensing Page for more information
The Department of Revenue's One-Stop Licensing Program allows certain businesses to apply or renew up to seven (7) state licenses at once.

One-Stop Licenses are limited to only:
Food Purveyor
Tobacco Retail & Wholesale
Off-Premise Beer and Wine
Petroleum Dealer (Meters)
Weighing Device (Scales)
Underground Storage Tanks

Montana Department of Revenue
One-Stop Licensing
(406) 444-6900
Businesses engaged in specific professions and occupations are licensed and regulated by the state. Please contact the MT Department of Labor & Industry for precise licensing requirements or apply online. View the full list of professional licenses here.

Montana Department of Labor & Industry
Business and Occupational Licensing Bureau
(406) 841-2300