Intellectual Property

Intellectual property has been a driving force in technology, art, culture and entrepreneurship. The US Patent and Trademark Offices work to protect Intellectual Property through Copyright, Trademark, Tradesecrets and Patent Law.  

It is important for entrepreneurs to understand how they can protect their ideas and hard work while they continue to grow their business. Scroll down to find PDF's that will help ou understand each area of Intellectual property. There are also links to our online trainings that are available to you at no charge.

Intellectual Property-Understanding and Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Unfamiliar with patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets? Learn about intellectual property basics and potential ways to protect your innovations as you transition from idea to product. 

These sessions will cover:

  • Session 1: identifying and Protecting Intellectual Property
  • Session 2: Protecting Inventions through Patents, Copyrights and Trade Secrets
  • Session 3: Trademarks, Branding and Related Issues