Cybersecurity and Business Owners

Your data is your business. Cybercriminals want it and they are going to get it. 63% of small business owners report having been victims of cyberattack.  Do not let your business be next!

Small to medium sized businesses are particularly at risk because they are viewed by hackers as easier targets due to their general lack of awareness and resources. Small businesses can no longer afford to remain unaware of the threats or remain complacent with inadequate technology. They have to take action to enhance their systems, processes, and staffing in order to remain viable in today’s online economy.

The Montana SBDC is here to help with a variety of resources. The manuals and handouts below will help you review your current strategies and policies and consider all of the elements involved in Cybersecurity. The handouts are also great tools to use in employee and team meetings. Educating and discussing these threats with your team is key to protecting your business from hackers.  Free recorded webinars are listed at the bottom of the page and our advisors are always happy to help with additional resources.



Cybersecurity Manuals and Handouts

Plan for Your Company

Workbook Cover ImageData Assured Workbook

This workbook is primarily designed for the small business that does not have a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or enough headcount to form cybersecurity committees. We’ve put together 29 pages of assistance to help you learn, work through a plan for your company and reach out to the resources you need.

The Data Assured Cybersecurity Workbook provides a guide for creating a Written Information Security Program (WISP). Seemingly complicated at first, the essence of a WISP defines a reasonable program for handling cybersecurity within your organization. You’ll need to review written items on a regular basis, but beyond that, maintenance of a WISP is a simple process that grows with your business.







Online Cybersecurity Trainings

Quick Cybersecurity Tips to Keep Your Company Safe
The Small Business Webinar Series: Quick Cybersecurity Tips to Keep Your Company Safe

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This webinar will give actionable tips to better protect your business from cyberattack. Hear experts provide an overview of small business development topics and phone in or type/chat questions or comments.
Assessing Cybersecurity Risk

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We've all seen them. Scams, malicious emails, and threatening phone calls have increased at exponential rates since the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic. By some reports, cybercrime is up 600% since March 2020. Changes in work environments, consumer behaviors, and supply chains have also migrated even more of our business lives to virtual platforms. So how should a business prepare to mitigate the risks of cybercrime?

Cybersecurity Training
Cybersecurity from an Insurance Companies Perspective

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Humans are the first line of defense, with a 95% of cyber incidents resulting from human error- and 99% of business facing cybersecurity risks. Not every company has the same level of cyber exposure. Learn how to understand your risks and protect your company, and mitigate, respond and recover if one occurs.