Profit Mastery

Client QuoteProfit Mastery is a FREE online training and is also offered through your local Montana SBDC. Profit Mastery is a workshop designed to "take the mystery out of the numbers" and give you practical financial tools to enable you to make better business decisions and to obtain better bank credit lines. From learning the Seven Steps to Business Success, to learning how to get what you need from your financing partners, this course is full of critical concepts that will "forever change the way you look at your business," says Steve LeFever, the founder of Business Resource Services.

Normally delivered in a classroom setting over the course of two days, Profit Mastery: Creating Value and Building Wealth, can now be easily and conveniently viewed in bite-sized segments online. Taught by world-renowned speaker Steve LeFever, Profit Mastery is designed to allow you to tailor the concepts for your organization and to provide for the flexibility of this information to be delivered and taught in a variety of ways and time schedules. Profit Mastery provides real-world tools, delivered in plain English, to help you and your business survive and thrive. 

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Profit Mastery
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